Internal Bake Ovens:

PPE Foshan provides a variety of industrial ovens. Our Internal Bake Oven (IBO) is one of our most highly demanded products. PPE Foshan has a number of IBO’s currently in operation around the globe. In addition to officially licensed designs, we also offer energy saving features unmatched by any of our competitors. The PPE Foshan IBO provides customers with a minimal investment combined with ongoing energy saving technology.

Additional Features:

1. Burn households using the latest wind knife design, drying faster, energy-saving effect is


2.100mm male and female inlaid insulation board structure, interior filled with environmentally

friendly insulation materials to ensure the insulation effect;

3. Multi-point adjustable out of the wind groove design, to achieve accurate furnace cavity


4. Allen-Bradley / FIFE / SAINT GOBAIN / MAXON / HONEYWELL / HALIFAX other world-renowned

brands such as component configuration, high reliability;

5. Both sides of the furnace equipped with automatic pressure relief valve, at the same time as a

maintenance channel;