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May 14, 2018 PPE/PPH By PPE/PPH

PPE- Foshan Perseverance Precision Equipment limited company, is a collection of R &D, manufacturing, and sales for aluminum and steel beverage can process equipments. Our professional team of designers, drafters, project managers, and fabricators are equipped to provide facility designs, concept layouts, oven thermal flow simulation, equipment structure design, and fabrication of equipments.

PPE Washer System has been re-engineered and improved to optimize process control, ease of installation, operation and maintenance.   And Our system also includes a highly efficient Dry-off Oven, achieving a 95% recirculation rate.

PPE Pin Oven utilizes a unique recirculation system, allowing less passes to cure inks than competing ovens.

PPE IBO provides customers with a minimal investment combined with ongoing energy saving technology. Burn households using the latest air knife design, drying faster, energy-saving effect is obvious.

the PPE Coolant filtration system utilizes two pressure vessels for the filtering process. When the active vessel becomes full of contaminant the system automatically diverts flow to the inactive filter which is waiting with clean filter media.

PPE Foshan offers a wide range of conveying options. PPE Foshan will equip your conveying with any mat you choose.

PPE also provide the retrofit and repair service for your exist machines, such as intergrate water conservation system to can washers, and retrofit the ovens.

Customer requirement is always No.1. Taking the market as the guidance, scientific and technological innovation as the backing, PPE collected a batch of high-level, high-quality professionals, design and manufacture of the products reached the international advanced level.