Engineering And Design

April 14, 2018 PPE/PPH By PPE/PPH

PPE Foshan is a custom industrial fabrication company.
We specialize in the metal container industry, with a
majority of our focus on aluminum and steel beverage can
process equipment.
our products is the fact that we produce officially licensed
machinery. Our Washer was developed using official PPH
designs and technology. Our ovens are also produced with
officially licensed designs. Our systems employ proven
designs with modern, cost saving technology.
We also perform full rebuilds and retrofits to existing
production machinery.
Our equiptments can be found in many of the largest most
technologically advanced facilities on the planet.

Our professional team of designers, drafters, project managers, and fabricators are equipped to provide facility designs, concept layouts, oven thermal flow simulation, equipment detail design, and fabrication of equipment.

From general  layout and redesigns to individual products and equipment, we are able to handle any jobs – big or small. We have the in-house services necessary to meet your project specifications and deadlines.