Conveying Systems

June 13, 2015 PPE/PPH By PPE/PPH

Conveying Systems

PPE Foshan offers a wide range of conveying options. All of our conveying systems are officially licensed DCS (Designed Conveying System) designs. We offer conveying systems and devices to meet endless design specifications.
PPE Foshan will equip your conveying with any mat you choose. To increase cost savings to our customers, we have also qualified a number of reliable mat suppliers within China. Offering a cost effective and reliable alternative to western mat manufacturers has been a consistant request from our customers.

Examples of Conveying Systems and Devices by PPE Foshan:

  • Straight Conveying
    • Elevators/Lowerators
    • Up Enders
    • Vacuum/Magnetic Transfers
    • Accumulation Tables
    • Single Filers
    • Complete Conveying and Line Control Systems